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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spotlight on "Decius Germanicus"

I present to you Decius Germanicus, the bodyguard, played by Big Dave in our "The Legacy of Arrius Lurco" Cthulhu Invictus campaign. (Right click on the character sheet and select "Open Link in New Window" for a larger, more readable view.)

Born somewhere in Germania Magna, Decius Germanicus was sold into slavery at a very young age and eventually brought to Rome. His large, strong frame and great stamina marked him as a farm laborer. His luck did change when he was purchased by the equestrian, Lucius Decius Caldus, who needed a replacement bearer for his litter, a job much less taxing than laboring. Although a kind dominus, Decius Caldus was a poor businessman and squandered his wealth often, leading him on occasion to money troubles.
On one such occasion a rival sent a thug to teach Decius Caldus a harsh lesson and tried to have the equestrian knifed while travelling to the baths. It was Germanicus who stood between the assailant and his master, getting viciously stabbed himself, yet saving his dominus from injury. Decius Caldus rewarded the brave young Germanicus by making him his personal bodyguard, a position that the German took very seriously. Germanicus proved a great choice for a protector, but in the end he could not save Decius Caldus from excess. The equestrian died of a heart attack after a particularly long bout of bingeing. Decius Germanicus was granted manumission, being decreed a freedman in the will of the late Lucius Decius Caldus. Unfortunately he was granted a pittance and although free, was much worse off. To survive, Germanicus fell in with the wrong crowd and came to the attention of Sextus Plinius Catonius, a moneylender of ill repute.
Plinius Catonius needed tough men like Germanicus to assist him during his business transactions. He took the German in, gave him food, a place to stay and introduced him to like minded companions. Germanicus has since remained in the employ of Plinius Catonius, working out of the Subura and watching for the many enemies that plague the money lender. On occasion he is lent to anyone who requires some cheap hired muscle or a protector.
Germanicus is tall, well muscled, and square of jaw, with a tanned complexion. He has the look of a wrestler about him, accredited to many hours in the gymnasium. He has adopted the Roman ways, wearing his hair short and is mostly clean shaven. He resides in a tiny loft room, which he shares with the rats and pigeons, in one of the countless shabby insulae of the Subara.



  1. Very detailed and useful character work sheet. Is the sheet a product of your hands?

    The character-bio is a great way to draw others into the story-of-the-game. Well, done, Sir.

  2. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for the reply. The character sheet is the work of another and can be found at http://www.yog-sothoth.com/threads/22072-Free-Fillable-MRP-Character-Sheet-for-Cthulhu-Invictus
    While listening to other recordings I find it hard to keep track of which character is which sometimes, so I thought this writeup might help.

  3. might be well detailed but di you think he can remember that IM Germanicus and not Christian?
    *rolls his eyes*

  4. You've only got one name to remember you GIT!!

  5. That's really great Frank, gives a good insight to the big man and his motivations, can't wait to see what the others have come up with.

  6. Thanks Ray - sure am looking forward to reading about our favorite finder, Publius Fabius Albinus soon.