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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gunners Painting Service

A heads up about an Aussie painting service launching over at Gunners Wargaming Blog. Gunner is a fellow New South Welshman who up until recently has only ever done commissions for friends.

Gunner is currently running a give away to help promote his new painting service. The offer is for some free painted miniatures and can be found here. How could I pass up on that!

Gunners prices can be found here, and seem very reasonable.

There are some nice examples of Gunners' work displayed there, which includes some green stuff conversions as well. 

Good luck with the venture mate.

 28mm Napoleonics


15mm SciFi

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Blood on the Sands to be Published!

For what has seemed like an eternity, I have finally secured a publishing contract for my gladiator game, "Blood on the Sands".


Some time ago, I was graciously approached  by a publisher, who had taken an interest in BotS while perusing this blog and the lengthy LAF post here. An avid gamer himself, he liked the look of the game, but more importantly he understood the plight I faced - that of not knowing how to complete this body of work alone.
After a period of play testing and a thorough deconstruction of the rules, the publisher agreed that we had a product here. More importantly, a product that was fun and evoked passion and excitement from his players. What more could I ask?

Now the contract is signed, sealed and delivered, the proper work can begin - to bring this thing home, FINALLY. It has been a long and sometimes bumpy road, and we aren't quite there yet, but sometime in the near future those who have shown an interest in playing Blood on the Sands will have that opportunity...