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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Painted "Tiger Cannon"

I couldn't wait to paint it - hope I've done it justice. GRRRRR! (Click the image to enlarge)

This is the best shot my camera can produce of the barrel detail.

Barbary Corsair Flag

This is a fictitious Barbary Corsair flag I use on "The Dervish". I found images on the Net that showed that they did use Saracen heads on their flags, so whipped this one up in Photoshop. Feel free to use it if you wish. (Right click on the image and select Save image as)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The London War Room "Tiger Cannon"

In my search for a more appropriate Indian cannon, I asked around on TMP about the London War Room's Tiger Cannon. I quickly received a reply from Dave, a fellow Aussie, who not only possessed an elusive TLWR Tiger Cannon, but was willing to part with it for FREE! This bloke is my new hero. Never have I experienced such kindness and generosity from a total stranger. To top it off he sent it to me for FREE! along with a stack of other miniatures he thought I'd like. All for FREE! His awesome SYW India collection is here - please check it out. Dave you are a legend mate - thank you.

As for the cannon, well I love it. It's huge and chunky, seen below with a Foundry mini. It's not the best casting but lovely all the same and will paint up nicely. I tried to get a close-up of the barrel details and will take more pictures when I paint her (see her painted here). (Click the images to enlarge)

I have searched high and low for images of this cannon (and the miniature itself) on the Net and have never come across one. I hope someone finds theses pictures useful and pray a company picks up the London War Room's "Fighting Men of India" range quickly!

For details of a real life tiger cannon - see here

Monday, March 8, 2010

British Sloop

Here is another ship I made last year. At the time we had very little British worthy to tread her boards. That thankfully has changed. She is a small Sloop of a similar design to the Barbary Corsair Tartane. Foamboard provides the bulk of the ship, with layered cardboard making up the gunwales. The sails were a little tricky, but worth it in the end. At the time of her construction I had christened her the SHARKE, but she has since borne the name the WASP, given by her Captain Big Dave. (Click the images to enlarge)