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Saturday, July 22, 2023

Gangs of Rome - Bakery

Work has been continuing furiously on my Gangs of Rome project, still following my early change in tact to batch build the remaining kits. I will concentrate on finishing the remaining buildings to a stage where they are table ready and then detail them further as time permits.

The next kit I have completed in full is the Sarissa Precision Roman Bakery. This had been in a semi completed stage for quite some time but I couldn't find accessories I was completely happy with. The floor of the bakery and its adjoining courtyard are XPS foam flagstones, very similar to the guttering on the street.

The majority of the bakery accessories were created by, Key Capas, whose excellent work can be found at her MyMiniFactory shop here https://www.myminifactory.com/users/KeyCapas




Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Gangs of Rome - Temple

I treated myself to a break from my ongoing work on Roman tabernae for Gangs of Rome and instead dedicated some time to completing a Sarissa Precision Temple. The finished kit makes for quite an impressive and imposing build and will form the center of my marketplace/forum. I opted to make this a temple to Neptune simply because it was the best free Roman god statue STL I could find. I went for a classic colour palette that may well be more Hollywood than historical but I much prefer the clean white look.

I intended to do some pedimental sculptures for the tympanum by adjusting existing 3D files but nothing I came up with looked right. I would love for a 3D artist to design a simple tympanum that would specifically suit Sarissa's temple.

As I have mentioned before, I am really impressed with the appearance of Sarissa's pillars in this range. For mdf I think they really look the part and they have done a great job on their construction, which is both simple and very effective. 

Right - back to butcher shops and bakeries for me...


Saturday, July 1, 2023

Gangs of Rome - Moneylender

This is the first upper rank building I have completed for my Gangs of Rome table - a moneylender. Although temples formed the first banks in Rome, private moneylenders or government supervised argentarii did exist. The kit is one of Sarissa's Upper Rank Insula Corner kits and has been my first experience with Sarissa's MDF pillars.  I have to admit I was pretty dubious about how these would turn out but I am pleasantly surprised with how easy these went together and of the overall final look - they really do look like pillars. I'm very keen to tackle the temple now. The interior is fairly plain and features a floor mosaic that was simply printed out from a Googled image and gloss varnished.