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Saturday, July 1, 2023

Gangs of Rome - Moneylender

This is the first upper rank building I have completed for my Gangs of Rome table - a moneylender. Although temples formed the first banks in Rome, private moneylenders or government supervised argentarii did exist. The kit is one of Sarissa's Upper Rank Insula Corner kits and has been my first experience with Sarissa's MDF pillars.  I have to admit I was pretty dubious about how these would turn out but I am pleasantly surprised with how easy these went together and of the overall final look - they really do look like pillars. I'm very keen to tackle the temple now. The interior is fairly plain and features a floor mosaic that was simply printed out from a Googled image and gloss varnished.



  1. I can definetly see this building being the focal point of a scenario or two.
    The pillars are a quick fix that will not be noticed in play as they do look the part.

    1. Thanks Joe. Yeah it would make a good scenario goal.