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Monday, February 14, 2011

Help a Lady!

A special post for Valentine's Day on the fairer sex. The Sharp Practice rules include many instances where ladies can turn up and will obviously require rescuing. I have already shown you Front Rank's fine example of an 18th Century lady here, but having scoured the Net she was one of very few appropriate figures. However I did find and purchase some from Outpost Wargame. The lady is from their Highwaymen range, with a figure both standing and mounted (that doesn't sound quite right - he he). I was a little skeptical about these originally, but after having them painted up for me, I think they came up very well. I opted to add no additional base because the figure comes with a substantial base anyway, just a tad smaller than the washers I use. Adding the washer may have turned them into true Amazons, and as they stand now are a nice mix with our other figures. I bought two standing and one mounted (he, he) ladies. (Click the images to enlarge)

An Outpost Wargame's "Pink Lady" with a Front Rank companion.
An Outpost Wargame's "Blue Lady" with an Old Glory companion.
Outpost Wargame's horses on the other hand are not for me. Although it looks OK in the picture the figure is poorly cast and just looks wrong. Thankfully Front Rank came to the rescue with a beautiful horse that suited the seated (that sounds better) lady well.
An Outpost Wargame's standing and mounted (he he) "Pink Lady" on a Front Rank horse.
I think you'll agree the horse and lady look well together. For completeness I have included an image of the original Outpost Wargame horse along side the Foundry one. The surplus horse will become a dead horse figure or  dog food/glue pot counter.
Front Rank horse (left) and Outpost Wargame horse (right)
Lastly I have tried looking for some parasol bearers for all these pale European types, sweltering under the Indostan sun and have failed miserably. If anyone knows of a good umbrella bearer, please point it out in the comments below. In the meantime I have scratch-built a parasol myself.
Scratch-built parasol and Foundry bearer.
The parasol is made from a tiny washer and greenstuff, with a sleeve and brass rod attached. It was very simple to do and will be easy enough to replicate. The bearer figure is from Foundry's Indian Mutiny range and required a simple bend to position it's arm. Happy Valentine's Day!