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Sunday, May 1, 2022

First Game in "Babel" playing Ruthless

Our group has been trying to arrange a war gaming weekend since just before the first Covid lockdown (March 2020), but since then just about everything has stood in our way and prevented us from achieving it.  Finally, yesterday the stars aligned and a good friend who used to live locally drove down for the weekend. Even though there were only three of us, instead of the intended four, and the heavens threatened to open up on us, we finally managed to play a game!  

This was the inaugural game for my wild west town of Babel. A table I have been working on for the last two years. It was intended for a 6'x4' and a lot more buildings didn't get to the table because we ended up opting for a 4'x3'. Most of the buildings are Sarissa Precision but there are a couple from Warbases sprinkled throughout.

My intention was to play test the new Too Fat Lardies game, What a Cowboy!, but for our first big game in well over two years the group opted to go with the original plan and use Ruthless, a free set of rules from Mark Fastoso. Besides I had already prepared a home made scenario that I had put a bit of effort into. Ruthless was streamlined enough and played very well. It required a bit of house ruling and we had a few issues with the timing of playing some of the special cards but apart from that it achieved what it claimed to be "The Fastest Rules in the West". In saying that the body count although was much less than we had expected and we had quite a few cowboys harboring a whole array of wounds having been literally shot to pieces.

All in all we had an excellent time and it was just so good to roll some dice again with good friends. The scenario involved the lawmen getting a captured outlaw to the Sheriff's office to face a proper trial. The outlaw's older brothers showed up and had to try and get him back. While this played out a low down gang of banditos who had been driven out of Babel a few days before decided it was time for their revenge and tore into Babel guns a blazing, not caring who they shot at. It turned out to be a pretty intense game and fairly well balanced. There was a fourth bounty hunter faction that did not get used. In the end the lawmen did get the outlaw to the Sheriff's office, winning the game, but for some time it looked like the outlaws were about to make the rescue, until they failed their Skedaddle test and called it a day. The Mexicans, played by me, generally caused havoc to both sides, not caring who they targeted. We have promised to get back to Babel again soon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Blood on the Sands Turn Example Youtube Video

 Here is a video demonstrating a turn example in Blood on the Sands.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Blood on the Sands Introduction Youtube Video

I've been meaning to make a Youtube video for a while now to help those who are undertaking play testing of Blood on the Sands to get started. Well I thought I better give an introduction of the game before I launch into a more detailed explanation of rules mechanics. Anyway, if you fancy a chuckle at someone attempting to pronounce Latin terms when they can barely speak English - the Blood on the Sands "movie" should be right up your alley! I'd love to hear what anyone who manages to sit through this thinks.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Blood on the Sands Playtest

I had the opportunity to run a couple of play test games of Blood on the Sands for an old friend, Damian, and his good friend Ed. I met Damian years ago (probably 8-9 years ago) thanks to Blood on the Sands, when he reached out to me asking for a game. Damian and Ed are both Roman reenactors and it was great to be able to pick their brains on a few subjects. Thanks to Damian for being such a gracious host; for the wine, wolf nipple chips and the authentic Roman eating couch!

We had two very different matches. The first between a Thraex and a Murmillo, that saw Damian's Thraex suffer a devastating deep wound to the torso in the first exchange, which his poor gladiator wore for the rest of the match. The Thraex put up a good fight, considering his wound, but failed to land a blow on Ed's giant German Murmillo. The Murmillo hunted him relentlessly and eventually ended the match with a slow kill wound to the Thraex's torso for a second time, but he was spared by the crowd and granted missio.

The second fight was between two Provocators, one large and a Son of Pluto to boot, meaning his blows would hit home much harder and the other was agile making him harder to hit. The arena was scattered with training posts. Damian had a much better run in this combat and the Provocators danced around the obstacles trying to corner each other against them. At one stage Damian caught Ed's gladiator against a pole and delivered many punishing attacks against him, which severely fatigued Ed's gladiator. In the end this is what ended the match as Ed's Provocator could stand no more and had to submit exhausted. The fickle crowd shouted for his blood and he was put to the sword.

A great afternoon gaming with great company to boot.
I am happy to say that play testing is progressing very well and this time around I've actually gotten the rules written comprehensively (in my opinion) and as good as complete. I believe Blood on the Sands has evolved into a game that is easier to learn and much more accessible, while keeping the core of what I wanted the game to be all those years ago.
The Thraex and giant German Murmillo face off.

Our gracious host, Damian.

Ed preempting victory.

Friday, April 1, 2022

Blood on the Sands

 Some serious playtesting begins...