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Friday, June 27, 2014

Some Tentative Blood on the Sands Covers

As the prospect of Blood on the Sands actually becoming a reality draws nearer, my thoughts have turned to more enjoyable aspects of writing a set of rules, well for me anyway; the book cover.
I made these myself quite some time ago and have since had some feedback from playtesters.

The first two covers include images from the extremely talented, Sire Godefroy, of At the Mountains of Lead blog. They have been used with his permission. The majority of comments, including those from Sire Godefroy himself, were against using images of actual miniatures on the cover, even miniatures painted to such a high standard. Most believed that this style of cover did not come across as professional looking. This reflects in no way on Sire Godefroy's painting skill - I would give my left arm to have half his talent. The exact post with these images is here.

The last cover uses an image I have used before on my playtest sheets by Neil Blade, an artist on the deviantART site. I have used this image without permission, because I have tried numerous times to contact the artist to no avail. So unfortunately although I like the piece it is unlikely I could use it anyway. Comments were a little more favorable towards this style of cover. It was also mentioned that the pattern at top and bottom served no real purpose and was distracting.

Regardless it is not known exactly what form the cover of Blood on the Sands might take. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Is it that time already??

I woke up this morning and realised it was the end of June. 

Wow! I had intended to post some of the work I had been doing in December just after Christmas, but time got away. Well time just didn't get away, time jumped in a frickin private jet and didn't even say goodbye.

To say I've been busy is an understatement. Personal life has kicked a hole in my blogging time's door, but hopefully the worst is over.

I have still been gaming, quite a lot actually, but really couldn't spare the time or effort to blog about it.

We have had no further Indostan games, but have been hammering away at Blood on the Sands playtesting, while I have (unbelievably) managed to play a few games of Chain of Command, Jugula, Trafalgar, Triumph & Tragedy, along with finishing a Cthulhu RPG campaign and starting a new Warhammer FRP campaign. So I can't say I have not been playing anything.

In regards to miniatures and painting I've been cracking on with more Mantic zombies (love those models), some Pathans and I've been making some generic European 17th-18th century buildings for my 18th century Horror project. All of which I will hopefully show here soon (read October or there about).

For those that are still interested, Blood on the Sands still lives, no "thumbs down" there and hopefully there will be some promising news I can announce very soon.

For now I will leave you with some images of the new Blood on the Sands playsheet in use during playtesting, along with some unseen armatura sheets. Nothing exciting, but something to keep appetites whetted.