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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Bandits of Putpari




The game was played on the 26th July using the Sharp Practice rules. I played the role of the Putpari Bandits and Umpire, while Dave played the English.
Dave did a great job of holding off the bandits, although the English did suffer quite a few casualties. The funniest moment was when Mr. Lovejoy sped off with his daughter to the safety of the farm, but realised they did not have any soldiers with them and had to leave again.
In an attempt to lessen the lengthy writeup that usually accompanies an Indostan game, I have replaced the text with a lengthy string of images instead, "comic-book" style.I have had some comments that the stories were too long, so I'd love to hear what people's opinions are about the change of format. Hope you enjoy it!

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