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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sarissa Precision Old West Buildings

 In preparation for a mate's birthday weekend of gaming, coming up in July, I have decided to put on a couple of games of something Old West.
I put an order in with Sarissa Precision, explained that it was a little urgent, and the wonderful people there (it was Steve I was communicating with) had my order to me in a little over a week's time. Not a bad effort at all considering that's a UK delivery to Australia.
With time against me I jumped in and started painting and designing signage immediately. The buildings paint up very quickly, especially if painted before construction. I simply do a heavy dry-brush of the appropriate colour, followed by another lighter dry-brush of the colour now mixed with brown but only around the edges. I think it looks effective enough.
Windows and doors were quickly dry-brushed an off white and then touched up with a white paint pen.
The Saloon was the most challenging as it's interior is fairly complex. I painted the inside in two colours and also added wallpaper to the bedrooms and on a wall of the common room.
All in all these buildings are great value for money and look good with not too much effort.