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Monday, April 22, 2013

Blood on the Sands at Leviathan 2013

Yesterday I attended Leviathan, a small local wargaming convention, and was convinced to take along my new WIP gladiator rule set, Blood on the Sands.
I managed to have quite a few games and a couple of people even sat in to try them out. A lot of blood was shed!! The rules are progressing nicely and playtesting continues to iron out any unbalances. Gladiator fighting is a tricky business.

A retiaruis and secutor - always a fun bout.

The secutor draws first blood to the flashy netman.

Although he put up a good fight the retiarius is defeated, but is granted missio.

The mighty Livia, a descendant of Xena no doubt, over her fallen foe Dacum.

The state Dacum finished in - a large hole in his stomach and his shield arm near missing!!