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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Photography blues...

One of the most challenging aspects of this hobby involves another entirely separate hobby in itself - photography. Having very little skill with a camera I can sometimes struggle to get a decent photo at all. While on the other hand, when I'm really not trying, I often get lucky.
The type of camera of course has a vast influence over the results. I have a few different cameras to choose from, but all are very simple, relatively cheap affairs and they can all produce different results, some good and some not so good. Even the cheapest and oldest model I have has managed to give me some good shots over the years.
Lately I have been using a Kodak EasyShare Z1085 IS, which is supposed to be pretty idiot proof. Guess they never had me in mind during the design process. This camera has a Smart Capture feature that assists by adjusting the settings to suit the environment. Now this is where I can run into problems.
As mentioned previously on this post, I have wrestled with the age old question of "to flash or not to flash" before. Most folks in the know agreed that for the best results in taking photos of miniatures, a flash should not be used. So not wanting to become a trendsetter, I try to conform to the status quo and turn off the flash, secure in the knowledge that more skillful people have paved the way.
Alas, turning of the flash often gives me less than good results. Take for example my last post where I showed some Foundry gladiators I had recently finished. The photos I think are pretty poor, and really don't show the miniatures in their "best light". They appear muted and washed out. While taking these photos, ashamedly, I really tried hard to get some good pictures. I set them up under a very good light source, set the camera on a tripod, turned off the flash and gave them a quick doctor in Photoshop. All that work for some substandard pictures.
Mulling over it all, I grabbed the camera this morning in an effort to see if I could work this thing out and snapped away at some minis on my desk. The shots I produced are shown below. They were taken in all natural light with the flash on. I think you'll agree they are of a better standard than what I produced the other day and with no effort at all. In a state of total confusion - I give up! (Click the images to enlarge)
A quick snap in natural light with the flash off.
Now with the flash on.
Same conditions with the addition of the white background.

Friday, October 7, 2011

More Foundry Gladiators

Here are some of my latest additions to the arena - all from Foundry. (Click the images to enlarge)

A barbarian Dimachaerus.
A Myrmillo with a face mask.
Another Myrmillo.

A dwarf Retiarius.

A dark skinned Thracian.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Genuine Indostani Rug Sale!!

I have compiled a small sample, for your viewing pleasure, of my genuine 28mm scaled Indostani rugs, that will be on sale for a very short time. This over stocked, half priced, closing down, clearance, end of financial year, camel soiled, sale will not be repeated and at these prices my stocks can not last! Hurry, hurry, the finest rugs in all of Indostan.
This sheet of rugs can be downloaded, printed on bright inkjet paper, cut out and used to add a more exotic feel to your gaming terrain. Enjoy!! (Click the images to enlarge)

Click the image once to enlarge it, then right click it and select Save Image As... to download.
Chowdri Poomba, the esteemed Indostani war-chieftain, tests each of our rugs personally.