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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To flash or not to flash ...

While trying out some techniques with my camera today I took some photos with the flash on. Now I have always heard that this is a no-no when photographing miniatures, but these pics have got me re-thinking that. Is the flash picture that bad? Maybe for serious miniature painters who care to show their fine brush work, but for a simple wargamer like myself, I actually think the brighter colors are refreshing. I'd love to hear what you all think on the poll to the left - flash or no flash and why? (Click the images to enlarge)

With flash.

Without flash.


  1. Without flash for me - I then use Picasa to correct....

  2. Depends but mostly without, voted.

  3. Like Steve the Wargamer it's no flash then software to correct (Photoshop Elements in my case)

  4. I would say "no" because I think is better to use a pair of good daylight bulbs and a white sheet to "bounce" the light and kill the shadows. But I would like to see more pics for the comparation.

  5. I too would like to see more examples.

    But between the ones you've given us, I prefer the flash not only because of the colors, but because they look like they are on a surface, while the no-flash photos makes them seem to be floating in space.

    -- Jeff

  6. Voted No flash. Although I like the flash one better in this comparison. If you turn up the contrast a bit on the no flash I would probably choose that one..

  7. Between the two examples then surely the one with flash works best. I always take several shots, some with and some without and make a decision when I see them on the monitor. Depending on what camera you are using you could always use a diffuser; Piece of tissue or the like gently tacked to the flash should do it.

    Lovely models by the way, all the best, Michael

  8. No flash for me...no photoshop...just a ton of shots, yours seem to come out great with a flash.

  9. I agree with Jeff that the flash shot looks better in this example. I usually use 2 Ott lights (daylight lights) and then run the pictures through PhotoShop Elements as well. For me the idea is to get the color to appear as close to they do in person. (also to get sharp pictures, which I don't always get! ha)