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Thursday, January 27, 2022

More Sarissa Old West Buildings for Babel

 The slow construction of Babel, my old west town continues.

Over the Christmas period I managed to complete more Sarissa Precision buildings and some accompanying scratch-built additions.

First off is the Church/Schoolhouse. This is an iconic building for any old west town and I went for a traditional whitewash look. I applied a very pale green undercoat and then a wet drybrush of off-white. I added a small craft store bell into the belfry for some added realism.

No old west town can do without a graveyard and Babel is no exception. I constructed this graveyard from an mdf sheet, cut to fit the shape of the Church. The fence is just cut down coffee stirrers attached to a matchstick frame. Although Sarissa offer their own mdf headstones, the plastic ones I used here are from Renedra, along with a couple of Woodland Scenics armatures. The final image of the graveyard shows the model unpainted with thin pieces of foam in places to form the raised grave mounds.

 The Sheriff's Office with Cells forms the objective of quite a few old west scenarios. This is a nice model that is half wooden and half masonry. Bring your dynamite.

Babel's Undertakers and Cabinet Makers is one of Sarissa's Mediumplus Building 3s. It's done is a somber charcoal colour. I scratch-built a small construction yard to sit by the Undertakers, consisting of a storage area and coffee stirrer fence. The saw-horses are just made of stirrers as well and at the time of posting my coffins are yet to arrive.

Lastly is a massive new comer to Babel in the form of The Grand Majestic Hotel, Sarissa's old west Hotel model. This thing is pretty gigantic and will dominate the center of town. I have ordered an Artizan Not Al Swearengen to stand on the balcony. Unlike the Saloon, this model does not have any interior features.