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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A few choice individuals

A selection of figures recently commissioned for the Indostan campaign. They are all characters, mostly British, who will either act as Big Men, scenario goals or just a bit of eye candy. The two British captains are actually Front Rank WSS British officers, but will serve well enough. They are a slightly larger build than their enemy though. All the better to intimidate them I suppose.
The Front Rank civilians are all great figures, I just wish there were more of them. I have found suitable civilian types the most difficult figures to procure, particularly ones representing the fairer sex. The Front Rank lady pictured below is a very nice figure. The poor woman will likely be the key to many "rescue the damsel" games. I better get her a parasol. (Click the images to enlarge)

A couple of British East Indostan officers straight off the ship. They do look keen as mustard. (Front Rank)

An Indostani merchant and his guard (both Foundry) discuss business with a European merchant. (Front Rank)

"Welcome to Indostan, milady. Tobias Snobswallow, at your service." (Front Rank)


  1. Fantastic! Very vibrant colours on the Front Rank civilians - I don't think I've seen these figures better painted than here.

    Best wishes


  2. Thanks for the replies guys - I'm very happy with them!

  3. Nice stuff!

    I have some Blue Moon Duelists that are very, very similar. they'd fit in very nicely size and style wise.

    My FIW French and British Colonels are both from that set.

  4. Lovely painting on these figs, the eyes are amazing!

  5. Have you tried these?

    A few femenine figures, may be useful for you.


  6. Thanks for the suggestions Emilio - believe it or not my order from Outpost arrived yesterday!

  7. LOL - I had actually discovered their stuff some time ago but had only made the order recently. The females look really good and very appropriate. Their horses though - YUCK! :(