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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Barbary Corsair "Tartane"

I scratch-built this ship from foam board and card. It is modeled off Gary Chalk's ship's boat template that comes with his pirate ship plans. (Click the images to enlarge)

I scoured the Net for images of Barbary Corsair ships and the closest images I found were of xebecs. It seems that the Corsairs used different ships throughout their infamous reign, including captured European vessels. I required something more exotic than a captured brig, but something a little smaller than a xebec.

I found reference to a smaller Mediterranean tartane, and although found no actual reference that Corsairs possessed them, used that as inspiration. The lateen sails gives it the exotic look I desired.

I used cheap jewelry beads as decoration and some Eureka swivel guns and cannons from http://minimi.co.uk/pirates/.

Below, the notorious Barbary Corsair captain, Faruq Reis, and his corsairs set sail.

Below "The Dervish" is in action, up against a British sloop.

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  1. Great job! For sure the corsairs from the Deylicate of Bizercca also would appreciate it.