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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Golconda Rising - A sign of things to come!

A small taste of what awaits at Golconda Rising.
After asking around on TMP for knowledge of the defunct London War Room Tiger Cannon, a total stranger showed me an act of generosity I have rarely experienced before. His name was Dave, a fellow Australian, and he didn't just have knowledge of the cannon, he also popped one in the post for me along with some other goodies, all for free. You can read the original post here.
In an attempt to return Dave's generosity I have helped him get his long overdue blog started, Golconda Rising. Anyone interested in wargaming SYW India is doing themselves a disfavor by not watching this new blog. Although set in an imagi-nation campaign similar to our own, Dave has researched the subject thoroughly and has tried to stay as true to real life as possible. He has a plethora of beautifully painted miniatures already, with lots more on the way!
To top it all off Dave is releasing a new set of SYW Indian flavored miniatures that have been skillfully sculpted. Although not commercially available at the moment, he promises we will be able to get our hands on them relatively soon. There will be a permanent link to Golconda Rising on the left.
Well done Dave and good luck with your venture.