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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Latest Additions

For the last post of the year I thought I'd share with you some of our latest additions to the fight in Indostan. They include both some of Dave's commissioned miniatures as well as a few painted by myself. The British miniatures are all exclusively Front Rank, the Indostani mostly Foundry. A couple have already been shown elsewhere.
We endeavor to have a game this Sunday, the first of the year (and the first of many I hope), so a report should follow shortly. (Click the images to enlarge)

The Governor's retinue
Some new officers, their fifers and standard bearers.
A Royal Engineer crew puts their gun through it's paces
A European Captain watches his Indostani troops on the march


  1. I'm looking forward to your report of Sunday's game.

    What rules do you plan to use?

    -- Jeff

  2. Thanks for the comments gents.
    Jeff, we will use Sharp Practice and I think there may be some rockets involved.

  3. Saw you were a follower on my blog (Doc's Art of War) but have only belatedly found yours. Great stuff, love the battle reports and the colourful figures. We game a bit later - Sikh Wars, Mutiny - using Black Powder (see some earlier posts on my blog) but I know a few of the guys would love this stuff! I really enjoyed it.


  4. Great to have you aboard Doc - I have often admired your stuff and love your Mutiny game.

  5. Very nice figures. The Governor's retinue looks amazing

  6. Beautiful figures! Almost too nice to game with! ;) Just bought Sharp Practice myself. I'm looking forward to your action reports.

  7. Beautiful figures there. I've heard very good things about Sharp Practice but have never had a game myself - like AJ I recently bought it too! Looking forward to the report.