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The actual campaign journal and after action reports for the Indostan campaign can be found on their own blog - "Indostan: The Jewel in the Crown", the link to which is found by clicking the small image below-left.
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lard Island News Interview

Our humble little efforts here at Adventures In Lead have attracted the esteemed likes of Richard Clarke, of Too Fat Lardies fame and the author of Sharp Practice, who has kindly asked me to do a small interview about our Indostan campaign. I of course quickly obliged and it has now been posted on the Lard Island News blog. Thanks Rich and thanks everyone for looking.


  1. Very nice interview! I agree with them that your terrain and figures look great.
    I also agree with you that character development and Colonial variations sound good.
    I keep being tempted by the rules... One thing I've wondered, though, is how suitable they would be for solo play. Any thoughts on that?

  2. Thanks for looking Fitz-Badger. I have been asked about solo gaming with SP before and unfortunately I don't believe it would make a good candidate. The game does state quite a few times that an "umpire" will improve the game play and the use of the hidden blinds would suffer in solo play. In saying all that, I happily umpire and run the villains in our games - so as long as you can feign surprise, I'd say give it a go.

  3. A very good interview. I agree totally with your views on button counters! Thanks also for your thoughts on SP vis a vis solo play. I wondered how they'd work for that. I'll get them anyway. ;)

  4. AJ - if you try them for solo play please let us know how it works out.
    I wonder if the Lardies could be persuaded to make a solo version? (A guy can wish can't he? ha ha)

  5. Thanks for the comments AJ. Really guys, if bought as a PDF they are very reasonably priced. I personally guarantee, that you will not be disappointed - they are a great set of rules to own.

  6. Well done on a great article! Nice to get a bit of insight into what keeps your campaign going: a good set of rules, great looking miniatures and an interesting setting! (Not to mention your dedication!)