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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Gangs of Rome - Butcher and Warehouse

I was delighted to receive a large box of goodies courtesy of Sarissa Precision and Footsore Miniatures earlier this week for my Gangs of Rome project. After spending quite some time going through the stack of mdf kits (and vowing never to undertake a project of this size again) I got stuck right in.

The first building I started on with was the Lower Rank Insula Corner. I decided to make this a butcher shop as I have planned to do this for ages based off some images I had Googled. The poor ate very little meat, so this would likely be a mid rank store in the scheme of things. Arranging all the hanging meat was pretty challenging but I am very happy with the results. I was planning to put a small shrine on the blank wall around the corner but opted to make it a small pottery stall instead. I will save the inbuilt shrine idea for a later build.

The majority of the accessories for the butcher were kindly donated by Key Capas, a very talented 3D sculptor whose style is very realistic and mostly historically based. Please visit her shop on MyMiniFactory to see the great range of models she has available. I believe the butcher STLs will be available through her shop very soon.


The second build I completed was a Warehouse Block. This a pretty imposing building measuring nearly 30cm wide and will take up a good amount of space on the table. Applying the fridge liner roof tiles to this kit was a bit of a challenge as it is the largest roof area I have tackled this far - but I have only myself to blame there. I really like how the doors open on this kit and the mechanics of it are really well done. One set of the doors pass straight through the warehouse, allowing it to be a thoroughfare of sorts. I haven't detailed the warehouse with accessories as I have a lot of scatter that can be placed in and around it quite easily.


  1. Lovely work Frank, its the little additions to the terrain that make a great
    gaming table

  2. Obviously a high-class butchers - there's not a single drop of blood anywhere !
    Great model, but your detailing makes it 'pop'.
    The warehouse will make a great centre piece for a gang-fight .