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Thursday, October 10, 2019

"The Petite Race for Africa" Pregame Photos MOAB 2019

So in preparation for the upcoming convention game at MOAB in Sydney Australia, I did some "glamour shots" of the miniatures and some of the terrain we'd be using. This was purely to grab people's attention as a sort of teaser and an attempt to convince players to sign up and register. I assume it worked because we had a full compliment of 8 players sign up for each of the two days.
Sadly the majority of these miniatures were NOT painted by me, but by Sven, the friend who puts on these events with me. Sven is a great painter and has the ability to churn out figures like there is no tomorrow in large healthy batches. We both have our strengths, but I could never compete with Sven's painting output and to the quality he achieves. He is available for commission painting and can be reached at here.
Most of the figures are from the Wargames Foundry Darkest Africa range while others are from the Northstar Africa and Copplestone Castings ranges. All great sculpts either way.
The last image is the short spiel that sets the background to the game which players received as part of their game information on the day.


  1. Awesome! They would certainly have me signing up, I must do something similar for ours - just need to finish it first!

    1. Thanks Michael. I'm sure you'll have no problems drawing punters to your game mate!

  2. A fantastic gaming experience - the rules kept everyone involved all the way through and a 4 hr game went by in a flash. I particularly liked the way you guys kept the game moving along while letting people make it their own adventure. Thanks again for a great day!

  3. Thanks Paul. You are so welcome mate.

  4. Great looking game, good figures need good terrain you've done it. Sounds as if the game ran well too!
    Spiffing stuff!

  5. Thank you Captain Darling - big praise coming from you mate.