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Monday, July 14, 2014

New Stuff for Indostan

In preparation for an Indostan game this weekend (hopefully if all goes as planned) I have completed quite a few new units and individual figures. I have found it a great motivator to paint certain miniatures required for an impending game.
I plan on writing a short interlude using some of the following images to detail what has happened to our hero Keen and the current state of Indostan. For now they will show off what I've managed to complete.
A group shot of some of the new stuff
It was always planned that Keen would lead some native troops before getting a European command. We have had these Indus Miniatures "Peons" for quite some time now and they have sat in different stages of completeness. At first I thought the figures were a little too thin and wiry compared to my Foundry stuff, but when completed as an entire unit they are fine. The marching Peons have a few head changes to break the monotony of the same pose. They will serve proudly as sepoys of our "Madapras Native Regiment".
Indus Miniatures marching Peons
Indus Miniatures firing Peons
I also made two banners for the forces of the Honorable East Indostan Company. One may well be appropriate, featuring a banner I read was used by the East India Company, and consists of the "Grand Union Flag", but I'm not 100% sure. The other is purely fictitious and is actually taken from a coat of arms for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and their villainous version of the EIC. Regardless I like them and they will add some grandeur to the British.
The new banners of the HEIC
 And lastly what would Indostan, or this blog for that matter, be without some goats. These fine specimens are from Magister Militum and are a bit closer to what I think an Indian goat would look like, well at least before being made into a vindaloo. They were quick and easy to do and I painted them a traditional black and white. Here are our other goats.
More goats...


  1. Beautiful new units, Indostan is a great place (well, except for those who were shot...), fantastic pictures!

  2. Nice additions, like the sepoys

  3. Horray! I've been hoping to see some Indostan action here again. I just love the whole thing, beautiful miniatures and terrain and fantastic AARs. Can't wait. Oh, and great additions. :-)

  4. Great looking troops - very "native" nice banners and command too.

  5. Splendid to know Indostan is back, lovely new figures too!

  6. Curse you sir, now I want a curry! Wonderful painting regardless...

  7. I love the whole concept. Well done, sir.

  8. Thanks for all the kind comments gents. I have been looking forward to getting back to Indostan too. It has been such a long time between visits. :(