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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blood on the Sands Combat Example - Titus

Titus is making his debut in the arena and as gladiators go he is of fairly average ability and skill.  He does have the “Nimble” trait although and exhibits a natural quickness (Speed 4). A trait counter is placed by his Speed score to remind the player that Titus will always have at least 1 success during a Speed test. A thraex armatura sheet is placed in the appropriate box. The armament of a thraex differs from a murmillo in a few ways. Titus’ shield is smaller and lighter than his opponent’s and both of his legs are armoured to compensate. Any wounds Titus suffers will be placed on this sheet.

Titus is armed with a sica and a square parma (shield).  The curved sica sword is a weapon unique to a thraex and is designed to reach around an opponent’s shield. Should one of Titus’ attacks be reduced to exactly 0 successes, his curved sica will still allow his blow to strike, when it usually would be defended. Weapon counters are placed in the hand boxes. His shield is less effective than a scutum, but weighs much less and will not fatigue him. He does not place any of the fatigue counters that Marcus has. Titus has no further fatigue, favour or trait counters to place. He gulps nervously and steps forward into the bright sunlight…


  1. Realy interesting to read a bit more about your gladiator game!

    Looks very good so far:)

    Best regards Michael

  2. Straight away you can see how the two match up, this has to be a winner.

  3. Very nice. Thanks for showing this.