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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Babel Expanded and Second Game of Ruthless

Six of us got together for a second game of Ruthless, riding off the success of our smaller first game.

To accommodate six players I had to increase the table size from 4' by 3', to a 6' by 3', which also meant adding quite a few more buildings.

The six factions were: Lawmen, Bounty Hunters, Pinkertons, the Durham Gang, Duke's Gang and Banditos. These were then roughly divided into sides, the "Good" guys (Lawmen, Bounty Hunters and Pinkertons) and the "Bad" guys (Durham Gang, Duke's Gang and Banditos). Alliances were pretty loose, especially amongst the "Bad" guys.

Each faction had their own goals and ways to achieve victory. The basic premise of the story is that the two outlaw gangs are robbing Babel's bank. They have a loose agreement concerning sharing the loot. The Pinkertons have arrived on a stagecoach in town to escort some passengers and their wealth, along with collecting some more cash from the bank. The Banditos know that the Pinkertons are carrying a small fortune on the coach and plan to rob them. Meanwhile, the Bounty Hunters have descended on Babel knowing there is a smorgasbord of bounties to be collected and the Lawmen are of course trying to prevent all of this chaos.

The game was fast and furious with a lot of blood being shed. The Durham Gang and the Banditos took the brunt of the early game casualties, allowing the Lawmen, Bounty Hunters and the Pinkertons to descend on Main Street and the Bank. The Durham Gang (played by me) were brutally gunned down (mainly by VERY unlucky dice rolling) while simultaneously trying to rescue the youngest Durham from the Jail and bravely (stupidly?) making escape out the front door of the Bank. The Mexicans faced a similar fate when two of them started shooting at the Pinkertons guarding the coach. With assistance from the Bounty Hunters the attempt was quickly thwarted and the Banditos hunted down.

This left the Lawmen to freely pursue Duke's Gang, who with hostages in tow and a good haul of loot were heading for their horses. Duke's Gang escaped out a Bank window and then into other buildings to avoid the hell, that was Main Street. A climatic battle took place in the graveyard which thwarted the gang's escape but also cost the Marshall his life.

Some of the highlights (more like lowlights) were; a mounted Bandito running down the Bounty Hunter boss; the Marshall taking on Duke's Gang in fisticuffs (because he couldn't shoot at them until shot at); a Bounty Hunter taking a hostage just before he was shot at and the poor hostage was killed instead; the deadly accuracy of the Pinkertons; the Durhams turning on Duke's Gang over loot; and last but not least the Bounty Hunters trying to claim the Durham as a bounty while he was already locked up in jail.

In the end the Pinkertons and Bounty Hunters came tied 1st Place and each of the other factions achieved only a single victory point each. A great game with a great group of guys. Can't wait to do it again.

Here are some random pictures of the game:



These are some of the cards that I made, including the faction "mission cards", character sheets and Bounty cards.


  1. very nice photographs, the shadows are very successful.

    1. Thanks French Follower - yes the shadows help the images greatly.