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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Blood & Plunder: Sloop

This is the first Blood & Plunder ship I have completed, the Sloop. All in all I am very happy with the quality of this piece and equally pleased with the finish I've managed to achieve. Everything pictured here comes as part of the kit, except the sails, which are made from calico. The rigging was a bit fiddly, but not overly hard and in my opinion adds a lot to the finished model.
You can buy a sloop of your own from Firelock Games.


  1. Agreed looks great well done!


  2. Looks Great!
    Quite a lot of kit for your money and you've made a great job of it.

  3. A jolly nice little model, well done!

  4. Thanks all for the comments.

  5. What with your excellent terrain making in your last post and the finish you have achieved with this boat, I look forward to seeing how your project develops.