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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blood on the Sands - New Playsheet

Blood on the Sands has been dominating all of my spare time lately, unfortunately leaving very little time for anything much else. I do promise that we are planning on having an Indostan game very soon though, for any interested in less oiled, testosteroned subjects. The good news is that the BotS playtesters have returned very positive comments and suggestions. There are a few minor things to iron out, but the core game mechanics are proving solid and most importantly fun.

A very talented member of the Lead Adventure Forum, the famous Dr Mathias (Purveyor of the one-and-only Miracle Elixir!) has kindly lent his artistic and design skills to Blood on the Sands. He is redesigning the sheets and counters for the game and doing a great job of it too. Dr Mathias is a very talented professional miniatures painter as well and you can check out his gallery on LAF here.

What follows is the close to completed playsheet that Dr Mathias has applied his talents to. I think it looks very manly and Roman. What do you think -  I'd love to hear your comments?

The new BotS playsheet by the talented Dr Mathias


  1. I like it - very in-period look !

  2. Looking very good !

    Best regards Michael

  3. Very nice. I have seen you do play tests with gladiator v gladiator. Does the game handle gladiator v animals (lions/tigers/bears oh my)?

  4. Now that looks the part.

  5. Thanks for the comments gents.

    @Chris: Although I'm trying to make BotS as historical as possible, I do see the need to include beasts and will be play testing some man vs animal games soon. If all goes well with BotS I would like to take the game into the realm of fantasy where lots of different opponents, both human an inhuman, would become available.

  6. looking forward to seeing this at Moab.