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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

18th Century Horror

Although I haven't posted anything for quite a while I have not been resting on my laurels. I've been furiously working on my gladiator ruleset "Blood on the Sands" and also prepping for the next big Indostan game, which should be along within the next month.
I have been slightly distracted though by a small project involving zombies, ghouls and vampires. Inspired by the goings on over at "Dust, Tears & Dice" involving some Elizabethans and the undead. My original plan  was to run a "Pike & Shot & Zombies" game but firstly the rules were for individual "heroes" only and secondly I have not a single ECW figure. Considering the amounts of 18th century bods we have lying around I thought I'd try to utilize them instead. So sometime in the future I envision a kind of Witch-hunters in tricorns type game against the forces of evil.
Last Christmas I purchased a box of Mantic zombies and about a dozen Mantic ghouls. Both types of plastic undead are really nice, easy to put together and a dream to paint. I have painted my first 9 (of 30) zombies and although not a horde, look good massed together. What follows is hopefully a taste of things to come...

"Dont fire until you see the whites of their eyes!"

"Their eyes are ALL white Sir!"

"Then fire!! Fire!!"


  1. Looks very intriguing. I have a somewhat similar plan for my 18th cent. troops and I hope that seeing your progress will help spur me on! (only mine are not so nicely painted...)

  2. I look forward to hearing more and seeing pictures too.

  3. Tricorns and zombies is a perfect match! Go for it. Look forward to see more.
    And of course also eagerly awaits your next Indostan adventure.

  4. Absolutely *great* to see you starting to do 18th C. Gothic Horror / 'Lacepulp'! Your marvelously illustrated action reports will do much to promote the sub-genre.

    Looking eagerly forward to enjoy the realization of your project.

  5. Wonderful! I could find myself completely distracted by such a project, looking forward to updates.

  6. Those zombies look creepy blighters, to be sure! An interesting idea. looking forward to seeing how you develop it.

  7. HA! That's awesome. The only downside may be that scripts for TV shows are so bad these days that some screenwriter is likely to see the pic and suggest a 'Last of the Mohicans' meets 'The Walking Dead' show.

    But great figures/pic nonetheless . Congrats.

  8. Frank thanks for the mention, great to think my ramblings are not in vain.

    By luck our next outing is tomorrow Night.



  9. What a fun and brilliant idea! I can see a tie in campaign with Jean Lafitte!

  10. Stuart and his ramblings have a lot to answer for...now thinking of suitable Tudor variants on the theme - Border Reivers, Werewolves on the moors, Sawney Bean, ghouls in the streets of Elizabethan London - I should become a scriptwriter for "Dr Who" at this rate!