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Monday, October 18, 2010

The British are coming!

After what seems like years, Dave has finally amassed enough British redcoats to form a company of hatmen and a half company of grenadiers, in accordance with the Sharp Practice rules. The figures are all from Front Rank, mostly from their Jacobite Rebellion range, a couple of the officers from their SYW range. The native bhisti's and servants are Foundry figures from their Indian Mutiny range, the little boy from Eureka.
To celebrate the company's formation we had a game on Sunday and saw the British in all their glory for the first time. I've quickly thrown together a couple of shots with them formed up. A full AAR of the skirmish to follow these pics soon.
Congrats Dave - they look very proper indeed! (Click images to enlarge)
The infantry company

First half-company close-up
Second half-company close-up 

The grenadier half company


  1. The figures are beautifully painted; and the backdrop equally stunning. I love the contrast of the uniforms normally seen on the continent in this more "tropical" setting. Dean

  2. Its a good feeling to finally have an entire army at ones command! Next is to get a few native levys for the dirty jobs.
    nice pics furt!

  3. Such eye-candy!

    If I may, if only for the background, this post deserves to be labelled 'Indostan'?

  4. Thanks all for the replies!

    abdul666 - your wish is my command. You are indeed a lover of labels, something I have noticed on other sites as well.

  5. Really fantastic stuff. Now for a batrep!