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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Painted Old Glory Pathan Horsemen

I finally completed the Old Glory Pathan horsemen last night. We have been using these guys in various states of completion for many months now. After receiving a large parcel of even more cavalry, I thought it prudent to complete the ones I'd already started. It is satisfying to finally have them finished, plus, Dave is terrified of cavalry, so this bunch are worth their weight in gold!
Although they aren't the best poses, they are pretty nice. There are a couple of duplicate poses which are a little obvious, but mixed in a bunch they blend better. The horses are all individual, and there are some really nice poses amongst them. I really like the figures in the poshteens the most, but they sport two swords, or a curved sheath for a straight drawn sword, depending on how you see it. That's Old Glory for you. A couple of these guys also have modern rifles, a little out of period for what we are doing but really unnoticeable on the table. I've painted one horse black and his rider in red, should we need to nominate a leader amongst them. (Click the images to enlarge)


  1. Nice work! They look fine en masse and I'm sure they look fine on the tabletop.

  2. Thanks Fitz-Badger for always looking and for always leaving nice comments. Your support is appreciated.

  3. These guys look great! Your figures and terrain is inspiring! I wish I knew more about the SYW in India. I've often thought of doing the early 1800s, too. Possibly the period of the Battle of Assaye. I would certainly follow your example by using Sharp Practice.

  4. Welcome Old Guard Sarge, good to have you aboard. I chose the SYW in India on a whim, because I wanted the lovely Foundry NWF and Indian figures, and Dave liked Redcoats. So together we decided it would be SYW Indostan. I've always thought, that it would not be too much of a stretch to extend Indostan into the Napoleonic era in the future, by simply fielding the European troops. Wellington in India is a very appealing campaign to me as well.

  5. Very nice painting indeed, you've captured some lovely character in these guys.