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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Assault Group Ottoman Gun

For lack of a better one, I purchased an Assault Group Renaissance Ottoman cannon for use as an Indian fill in. They are a bit expensive, but the price does include postage to Australia, so not too bad. I think it fits the bill and I plan on getting a couple more soon. (Click the images to enlarge)


  1. A great model and a very good-looking crew.
    Being an aficionado of the Lace Wars I was very excited to see those soldiers in tricorns: do you intend to play the French & Indian Wars *in India*?

    Best wishes,
    aka Louys de Monte-Cristo

  2. Hey Louys de Monte-Cristo,

    Thanks for the compliment. We do indeed intend to do a British in "Indostan" Imagi-nation campaign, based loosely around Clive's exploits in India,circa 1750'ish.

  3. Furt,

    creators of Lace Wars Imagi-Nations have in the Emperor vs Elector collective blog "a genial location for imaginary nations of the Eighteenth Century to carry out diplomatic affairs . . .". The blog currently has 77 contributors (though some of them are rather dormant, under the harsh pressures and requirements of 'The Real World ™') representing some 115 fictional 18th C. countries.

    Actually each solo wargamer (or local group) carries on his campaign independantly, yet 'EvE' is more than a board to post -already enoyable, inspirational and stimulating- 'flashnews from our Country' : interactions may, for those wishing so, go further. Many of them enjoy to mention now and then events or characters from another member's creation -the supposed actions of Vile Stagonian agents are specially popular. Occasionally one may take direct inspiration from the actions of the 'ruler' of another 'Eveurope' country: a Tradgarlander (English player) descent on the Shetlands prompted another (American) group to start a new Jacobite rebellion in Scotland. Players may exchange characters, possibly represented in miniature: gentlemen (and at least a not so gentle woman spy) from various Imagi-Nations are taking part to the Jacobite campaign. Another genial type of interaction at 'EvE' level is the battle by proxy: when a battle occurs between forces belonging to two members living thousands mile appart, the battle is 'fought' by a neutral third party.

    Time and space are elastic in the 'EvE' avatar of the Multiverse, and the borders with 'alternate history' are fuzzy: Germania and Gross Hesse-Seewald ARE France and Prussia, and may casually be referred to a such. No member 'owns' Austria, Great Britain or Russia but several have forces from these countries and collectively run (part of the possible) actions of Maria-Theresa, King George and Catherine II in 'our' Europe.
    Thus there is no real difference between Imagi-Nations and 'historical' Countries involved in 'not so historical' campaigns: 'your' British campaign in India would perfectly be associated with the 'Emperor vs Elector' collective setting. Btw at least a member of our 'League of Lace Wars Imagi-Nations' will soon send an expedition to the Indian subcontinent.

    We hope to see you there: if you are tempted, Jeff Hudelson -owner and manager / moderator of 'EvE'- can be contacetd at: bluebear at uniserve dot com (at = @, dot = . delete spaces, of course).

    Best regards,

  4. Jean-Louis,
    I've been looking into EvE of late and it all looks very intriguing.

  5. Batrachia and the Soweiter League are more likely to send groups of daring 'free lancers' than a fully-fledged expedition under a 18h C. General Pettygree.