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Sunday, October 27, 2019

"The Petite Race for Africa" Encounters

Our "The Petite Race for Africa" game featured quite a few encounters, most of which were animal based. When a player stumbled upon an encounter token, the token would be removed and replaced with figures representing the actual encounter. In this way players couldn't judge the level of danger by looking at the figures and making an educated guess.
It was a real surprise when players triggered the rhino for example, which would immediately attempt to trample the unit; something they'd be unlikely to close with if the rhino had been sitting on the table the entire time.
A counter was needed for the explosives and plunger so that firstly other players could see that a faction had TNT and also so that the two parts could be separated and the explosives be planted individually.

Gazelle from Ral Partha

African cattle from Wargames Foundry

Rhino from North Star

Baboons from North Star
Hyenas from North Star

The elusive "Pink Zebra" - actually a donkey from Irregular

Scratchbuilt explosives and plunger markers


  1. These are lovely Frank, the elusive pink Zebra made me chuckle.

    1. Thanks Michael - yes the pink zebra is supposed to draw a chuckle

  2. Wonderful stuff and perfect for upskilling the game.

  3. I love the idea of being surprised by a rhino or a pink zebra!! It's a really fun idea for adding that extra chaos - great work, Frank!!

    1. Thanks Sir Sidney - the encounters worked a treat and added that little surprise as you point out

  4. Nice work! Always good to have an assortment of fauna for a game in places like Africa. It's iconic.

  5. Thanks Fitz-Badger - I couldn't agree more. Any good Africa game needs animals.

  6. One can never have too much wildlife.
    Nice scratchbuild on the explosives and plunger.

  7. I agree Captain - thank you.