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Sunday, October 20, 2019

"The Petite Race for Africa" Encounter Tokens

Our game at MOAB included encounters scattered around the table for players to discover and/or stumble upon. Counters were required to indicate the locations of these encounter areas and rather than just using numbered discs I chose to represent the encounters with little skull totems.
Each encounter token had a different number of skulls, one through eight, with each indicating a specific encounter.
The tokens were based on mdf discs, piled with some rocks and the odd clay urn, and some baboo skewer stakes, upon which the skulls were placed. I also added some copper wire here and there to represent rope.
I looked at many manufacturers of 28mm skulls but in the end, surprisingly, I found the box of Citadel Skulls were the best proportioned and value for money.

The finished encounter tokens

The tokens before painting
Citadel SKULLS


  1. They worked a treat too - a great way of avoiding unsightly tokens

  2. They look marvellous, love the rope effect.

    1. Thanks Michael. Your own post https://28mmvictorianwarfare.blogspot.com/2017/12/totems-and-tokens-and-traps-oh-my.html was a big inspiration on this build.

  3. these are wonderful, Frank. I love markers on the table - just a wonderful way of bringing the game to life, as well as being very useful in the game itself!

    1. Thanks Sir Sidney - they don't compare to your vignettes mate but I totally agree that they bring the games to life.

  4. Hmmm you got any head hunters in the game?

  5. Surprisingly not Captain - but from the look of things there are some around!