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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

"The Petite Race for Africa" Colonial Flags

I thought some people may find this sheet of flags I made for "The Petite Race for Africa" useful for their own colonial games as well. They were designed for 28mm miniatures but could be re-sized for use with other scales.
I'm unsure how authentic the French Foreign Legion flag is, so understand it may well not pass a button counter's scrutiny. Enjoy!


  1. These are wonderful Frank and now saved for later, thank you.

  2. Authentic or not, they looked great on the table - thanks for sharing!

  3. Who is the red flag? They all look great by the way!

  4. Thanks Dan - it is the flag of a Zanzibar slaver.

  5. These flags are most useful and will see some use on my table for DITDC or the MWWBK’s rules . I’ve recently acquired the old Sword and the Flame rules am am looking forward to a game . I’ll also use these on Gunboats . 😎