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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Like a tiger!

A post on the blog, Adventures in the Indies, reminded me of our tiger. What would a game set in India be without a tiger? Here is a Foundry one from their BSBRV1 Tiger Hunt set. To accommodate this figure into our game I have tweaked the Sharp Practice random events to include a tiger. Should be a nasty hindrance (or worse) to some unsuspecting victims. This is one of the things I really like about Sharp Practice - the ability to have these little events happen that really make the game. Now tell me, who wouldn't want their little lead men  to be mauled, dragged off into the bushes and eaten by a tiger? (Click the images to enlarge)


"Where has that thrice cursed, flea bitten, goat gotten to?"


  1. Very nice, terrain, tiger, human bait, everything. Dean

  2. Love the tiger! Must get the elephant mounted and hunt the blighter!That skin would look good on the floor of my campaign tent. Tally ho!

  3. I agree with Dean!
    I enjoy painting figures of animals in between painting units.

  4. Grrr.. Look out behind ya mister !

    Nice tiger and 'vignette'

    -- Allan

  5. What a fabulous 'putty cat'. Just what I've been looking for to run amok in my bamboo jungle. Great work all round. All the best, Michael

  6. What a splendid 'putty' cat! Just what I need for my bamboo jungle; great work. All the bes, Michael