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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Artillery Crew and 6 Pounder

Here is Dave's first British artillery crew. Both the gun and crew are Front Rank and part of their Jacobite Government range. They were commission painted, but I can claim that I at least painted the gun. British might grows, albeit slowly.
The gun does look a little inadequate compared to some of our Indian ones, but you know what they say a large gun makes up for ;). (Click the images to enlarge)


  1. Artillery Crew looks excellent! Cant wait to turn the guns loose on those foreign Indian chaps! Well now im here I can start writing some commentry from the British point of view of the battles!
    Tally ho!

  2. Very nice crew and gun.Dean

  3. Nice! (although if I was ever tempted to send out minis for painting it would probably be the guns - one of my least favorite things to prep and paint. No personality or character. Just machines. ;) )

  4. Thanks for the comments guys - unfortunately guns are some of the few things I assume I can't stuff up!

  5. They only stuff up when I try and fire the damn things

  6. Great looking gun and crew

    -- Allan