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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Castaway Arts Camels

I finished some camels from Castaway Arts yesterday. The pack camels are from TR8 Camel Caravan and the other two are TR9 Kneeling camels, unsaddled; both are found in the Baggage/Transport section of the web page. 
They painted up nice enough, but what I thought was the hardest part was positioning the cargo on the camels. A quick email to Gerry at Castaway Arts pointed me in the right direction though. The camel caravan comes with a driver and guard, but I am unsure whether I'll use the driver at this point. I really like these camels and they will fill a very useful role in capture/escape scenarios or just good to spice up a scene. Although a little expensive, Castaway Arts have some really nice miniatures, and have always been very helpful. I have no problems recommending them - plus they're Australian! I have my eye on some of their beautiful pack mules next. (Click the images to enlarge)

The camel caravan

The kneeling camels

A Pathan and his camel 
(Foundry 28mm for comparison)


  1. Those beasts look great. I'm thinking of getting some camel troops for a "Napoleon in Egypt" campaign someday. Dean

  2. Lovely camels

    which one of the kneeling camels is called Humphrey ?
    -- Allan

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.
    Had to Google Humphrey tidders - but I can now comfortably say whichever one you like!