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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Blood on the Sands - Counter Example

Just a quick post to say that work is continuing on Blood on the Sands. Dr Mathias (Matt Leahy) has completed the last components of the game for me - the counters.
Without Matt's help the game would be truly a different experience! Thanks again Matt.

Your comments would be appreciated.

Blood on the Sands - Counters


  1. I like the "mosaic" look to the counters very much.

    -- Jeff

  2. Very nice signature mosaic game markers. Nice touch/class act.

  3. They're beautiful! I know I've been quiet recently, but I have been following (and even playing a bit) the development of BotS, and it's getting pretty damn perfect. Good work, sir!

  4. Awesome counters...what we'd expect with anything he does...!

  5. I've been a keen reader for some time. Will the game eventually be available to buy? I love the look of it. I'm quite smitten by MTS but this looks even better

  6. @ Major Catastrophe - I've been very slack with the blog lately, but work continues on BotS and my plans are still to publish the game. This thread http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=51608.0 on the Lead Adventure forum is still active and updated regularly.

  7. Hope to see this game available soon - just like a number of other gamers I am still searching for a Gladiator game that I am happy with & this looks like it might be the one!