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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blood on the Sands - Gladiator Types & QRS

I've managed quite a fair bit of play testing on my "Blood on the Sands" gladiator rules in the last fortnight. Of course I continue to tweak things like crazy and I wonder will I ever be satisfied it's perfect. I keep forgetting to take photos though so I can't post more AARs, but these games are more research than enjoyment at the moment. I am happy to report I have had a couple of victories though (Yeah!!). One was with "Barcias the Babykiller" a Damnatio ad gladium gladiator, destined to be put to death the first time he fails to win and the other was with an unnamed retiarius whose opponent  eventually submitted through exhaustion.  You have to take the wins where you can get 'em.
I've had some positive feedback from a friend, who is an experienced gamer, but first time player of BotS. He enjoyed himself and is even keen to get some gladiators painted up. A good sign. My biggest hurdle I face now is getting the rules clearly down in print. I can teach the rules concisely and easily enough - the concepts are not hard, but writing them is proving difficult.
Although I soon hope to get some help from a professional graphic designer I have been toying with some layouts for parts of the rule book. What follows is a taste of some of the gladiator types and part of the QRS detailing some basic actions etc just to keep the appetites whetted. Images appearing on the gladiator cards are the property of Crusader Miniatures and have been used with their permission.

The Murmillo
The Hoplomachus
Part of the QRS


  1. Greate work ! Realy make me even more tempted to rty them out, looking forward to the release !

    Best regards Michael

  2. Looking forward to seeing these released

  3. Very inspiring Frank. I'll always put my money on the murmillo!

  4. Got a playtest up on my blog for you, Frank:


  5. I played my first game of this with my buddy Elbows via webcam. My Murmillo ADISA wore his Thraex FASTUS down to exhaustion in a long bloody battle. Very fun, I'll be buying a copy for sure when it's released!

  6. Hi, can we found published rules somewhere?