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Monday, May 13, 2013

A Few Figures Painted

What follows are just a few of the figures I've finally finished over the last month. Staring at me still is such an odd assortment of figures from so many genres. I see a carnivorous ape, a great white hunter, some gladiators, some pathans, a zombie horde, a masked highwayman, a pair of hell hounds, an organ gun, two werewolves and a pirate. Weird. Do you ever get the feeling you should just stick to one project?

Charun (Crusader)
Retiarius vs Murmillo (both Foundry)
A pair of hoplomachi (both Crusader)
A midshipman (Old Glory)  and pirate (Foundry) for our next Indostan game.


  1. Greate work !

    Best regards Michael

  2. All really solid work. That first guy is just a little creepy :) Great villain!

  3. Lovely job Sir, but every time I see your gladiators I feel temptation rising!

  4. Loving the gladiator's. Busy re-watching 'Spartacus; Blood & Sand' in anticipation of starting my own gladiator project soon, which has been waiting in the wings for about two years!

  5. One project??? Impossible! Great work though!!

  6. Great work indeed! And also the creepy/villainous type guy.

    "stick to one project?" whatever on earth for? ha ha
    (besides, I read more than one book genre. I enjoy more than one movie genre. I even enjoy different hobbies and different aspects within hobbies. Variety and all that, you know.)

  7. Q. Do you ever get the feeling you should just stick to one project?
    A. Yes and then I slap myself and get back to doing my best impression of a dog in a strong breeze halfway between the rubbish tip and the butcher's shop. ;-)

    Lovely painting BTW...

  8. Superb painting, figures and period.

  9. Fabulous stuff! Really feel the atmosphere of the arena!

  10. Wonderful looking figures...and pictures! Morituri...

  11. Hey if it hasn't been said recently, thanks so much for developing and sharing the cards for Murituri Te Salutante! About a dozen of us play it locally here in Tulsa. It is becoming my favorite skirmish game, but would be almost unplayable without your contribution!

    - Tom

  12. nice work interesting collection off figures