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Friday, December 21, 2012

Big Men for "Cpt Makepeace's Daring Rescue"

For any one interested I have made the Big Men cards available from our recent "Captain Makepeace's Daring Rescue" game. There are a few "extra" Big Men thrown in to fill the sheet.

The Big Men cards are available here


  1. Really excellent card! They're going to bring any game to life. Brilliant stuff.

  2. I like this! It makes using Big Men so much easier to have their stats on their card, and the design in great.

  3. These are very nice indeed. I would love to see the rest of your card deck besides the big men that go along with this. What did you use to make them?

  4. Thanks gents for the kind words.
    @Chris - Our SP deck is here http://adventuresinlead.blogspot.com.au/2010/08/custom-sharp-practice-deck.html although there have been a few tweaks since. I have also made some simple card backs that I'll post soon. The cards are simply made in MS Word and saved as PDF.

  5. Fantastic AAR, the perfect example of Sharp Practice in action...