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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Game Three Years in the Making...

A little over dramatic I know, but it has been a LONG time coming. We have been promising to start our Indostan campaign proper for about three years now, since around the time I created The Jewel in the Crown blog. In our defense we have had our set backs, namely a death and a birth, events that rocked 2011 and sent tremors throughout 2012. But with a new year fast approaching we have made a pact to have a bloody good go at starting this thing once and for all. 
This Friday we intend to kick off the campaign with our first game using the Sharp Practice rules, the after action report of which should be posted shortly after. The Jewel in the Crown blog will serve as a more detailed account of the campaign and hopefully be updated regularly.
So without further ado I present to you our new hero, Lt. Archibald Keen! Young Mr. Keen will finally take the spotlight from Captain Charles Chase, whose own adventures were nothing to snub a nose at. Chase served us admirably for many years as our stand-in stunt hero, but alas Indostan's sun has finally addled his poor brain and the honorable Captain Chase has been put out to pasture. Keen on the other hand has his whole career ahead of him...

Archibald Keen, our hero!!
And how can there be a hero without a villain...
Captain "Indigo", boo hiss!!
For anyone interested you can download all the Sharp Practice Big Men cards for this game here.

Hope you will all be along for the ride. Huzzah!!


  1. I noticed on the "Cast" section of your "Indostan" blog that several characters lacked first names.

    Here is a link to a British "name generator" for both English and Scottish names:


    I use this in my Colonial campaign (currently suspended due to my health concerns). Please feel free to use or ignore it.

    I look forward to reading of Lt. Keen's adventures.

    -- Jeff

  2. Huzzah indeed!
    I've been waiting patiently for you to pick up your Indostan gaming again and now eagerly awaits more updates.
    Starting of with a new young and dashing hero seems very appropriate, although I'll miss Chase. :-)

  3. OK. I am completely impressed with your cards. They are fantastic.

  4. @Jeff - I have visited your name generator before and even commented on it - it is a useful table that I will find very handy. Sorry to hear you are unwell - hope that changes soon.
    @Mattias - thanks for your continued interest and support in our Indostan campaign. It is certainly comments like yours that help the game along. We may well have to name a Big Men after you for all your kind words.
    @Chris - why thank you Sir - the cards make playing a Big Man much easier with all the relevant data on them.

  5. Furt,

    Those cards looked terrific. Well done indeed!! We did something similar for "Through the Mud and the Blood" at Bovingdon this year and they went down very well. People really liked the way that the cards brought out the characters of the "Big Men". I think your cards are much smarter than our though! Congratulations!

  6. Attractive cards and very well done figures. I like your 18th Century theme.