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Monday, September 12, 2011

Royal Navy Sailors and Captain

While planning the start of our Indostan campaign, Dave and myself decided that the first scenario will involve some Pirates and the Royal Navy. We already have a handful of sailors and a stack of pirates that belonged to our late mate Rotary. Unfortunately he never really got a chance to game with them himself, so hopefully he can have a chuckle looking down on our little games.
To even out the Royal Navy I painted up some Foundry pirates, that Dave had bought for the very purpose, in royal blue and white. Although during the period there was probably no uniform to speak of, it gives the figures the impression of belonging to a crew. The other sailors are from the Foundry Napoleonic boarding crew, are so out of the time frame completely, but are such nice figures.
The Captain is a ring-in, one of the better figures from the Old Glory European Captains pack. Again there are many typical Old Glory shockers in there that suffer from contortionist like poses, broken swords and pigeon chests, but they are fairly priced at $20 US and can be used for many different purposes.
They were all painted with "house paints" and Army Painter. (Click the images to enlarge)

The Captain and some of his crew.

All aboard a little tender.


  1. Great figures and a very nice looking ship as well.

  2. Funnily enough I was looking at perhaps investing in a some Napoleonic Royal Navy miniatures from Steve Barber Miniatures; probably a bit late for you though. These however, are beautifully executed, excellent stuff!

  3. Thank you for posting such inspirational pictures. Every time I read your blog I get a boost of motivation. And that is a good thing.


  4. Very nice work, good to see more piratical goings on out there! The colour scheme does work well for a Navy theme.

  5. looks and sounds like fun, Furt. Keep up the great work!

  6. That are some excellent painted figures! and I found a lot more of them on your blog!

    Really love that blue color you've used. And like Ray said a very nice looking ship!