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Friday, September 9, 2011

Old Glory Pathans

I purchased a bag of Old Glory "Pathan Tribesmen with Muskets and Jezails" a long time ago and they have been kicking around on the lead pile since. I must say that Old Glory is usually a bit hit and miss, but their Pathans are probably some of their finest figures. In saying that they do exhibit a bit of Old Glory "charm".
I have gotten around to prepping most of the 30 figures (that are pretty reasonably priced) and during this process discovered that all the Pathans in a firing stance were missing the right sleeve of their poshteens (Afghan sheepskin coats). This isn't a huge deal, but does pose a problem when painting them, because their robes and their poshteen are different colors and meet at the shoulder. I remedied the problem with a small strip of greenstuff, that will hopefully give the illusion of a sleeve.
Quite a few of the Pathans are kneeling or sitting and these are my least favorite poses. I understand that Pathans would adopt these poses in real life, but kneeling/sitting miniatures can look a little odd, especially when out in the open.
Below are the first two I've done. Painted with "house paints" and Army Painter, they were fairly quick and easy, and for Old Glory don't look too bad at all. (Click the images to enlarge)
Two Pathans walk into a bar.
A Pathan with fashionable greenstuff sleeve.


  1. Good to see some hardy Pathans out on the prowl.

  2. Old Glory figures are a bit hit and miss in my opinion, some ranges are good, while some are not so. These look great and you can't complain about the price either as you said.

  3. I painted a bunch of these some time back . . . I'll try to remember to post some photos of them and let you know the link.

    Also, if you happen to be a member of the "swordflame" Yahoo! Group, I have a number of photos of Old Glory Pathans with melee weapons in the Photo Albums under the Title of "Old Glory Pathans -- 28mm". Here's a link, but it probably won't work if you don't belong to that group:


    -- Jeff

  4. Well done Furt you made a cracking job of them!

  5. Well-painted!
    I have some of the Old Glory Pathans as well and some of the poses seem very odd to me. (leaning out and/or twisting around in various ways)
    On the other hand, they are decent enough, pretty cheap and many variations; all of which make them a good choice for masses of fighters (rather than individual main characters).

  6. I have created a blog for unit photos and have uploaded my Old Glory Pathans (more correctly "Pashtun").

    The paint jobs are very basic, but you might get some ideas. There is an entry for the Jezailmen and another for those with melee weapons:


    Hopefully this will help you . . . and incidentally if you use the type of mountains that the Major General used, the "shooting" poses work great for the jezails.

    -- Jeff

  7. Wonderful work, not familiar with the company myself but this look great; full of menacing intent.

  8. How do they compare to the foundry pieces you have in your collection? I was thinking of picking up some of their
    Ottomans. Kind regards Stu

  9. Thanks for all the comments.

    @Jeff - I like your miniatures and coloring them similar shades is a subtle way to easily group them.

    @Stuart - I think they mix perfectly, although the Foundry are superior figures in my opinion.