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Monday, March 8, 2010

British Sloop

Here is another ship I made last year. At the time we had very little British worthy to tread her boards. That thankfully has changed. She is a small Sloop of a similar design to the Barbary Corsair Tartane. Foamboard provides the bulk of the ship, with layered cardboard making up the gunwales. The sails were a little tricky, but worth it in the end. At the time of her construction I had christened her the SHARKE, but she has since borne the name the WASP, given by her Captain Big Dave. (Click the images to enlarge)


  1. Great work! At the very same time good, 'realistic' -looking and perfectly adapted to wargaming: compliments.

  2. She "plays" very well. Originally designed for Legends of the High Seas, but of late we have not played that system. She will find use again against the pirates hat ply the seas of Indostan.

  3. Excellent ship-building! Compliments to the shipwrights!

  4. A nice little vessel! My compliments to her shipwright.