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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Some Old Pics for Blood on the Sands

While working on Blood on the Sands I was looking through one of my image folders with heaps of pics from our play test games. There are so many pictures with stories that have now unfortunately been lost to my memory, but were no doubt worth taking at the time. It's been a while in between posts, so I thought I should share a couple of them here.

Charon at the gates

A Hoplomachus and Murmillo face off

Spiked palus and dropped weapon counters

Close up

An optimistic Murmillo in his first match against a Thraex

A dead optimistic Murmillo


  1. That Charon character looks great.

  2. Looks awesome. I'll drop this post over to a mate he is starting his own Gladiator project.

  3. All great but the first picture is a cracker. Would this be the chap that dispatched the seriously wounded to the other side?

  4. Thanks gents.
    That's him Michael - the one and only. A very popular character back at the ludus, I'm sure!

  5. That Charon looks like he's looking to pick up a fare. Love the gates behind him as well!

  6. All looks great!
    Is there a publishing date as yet? Looking forward to getting my gladiators back on the table!

  7. Where can they bought? Have yet to find a seller! :-(