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Monday, April 22, 2013

Blood on the Sands at Leviathan 2013

Yesterday I attended Leviathan, a small local wargaming convention, and was convinced to take along my new WIP gladiator rule set, Blood on the Sands.
I managed to have quite a few games and a couple of people even sat in to try them out. A lot of blood was shed!! The rules are progressing nicely and playtesting continues to iron out any unbalances. Gladiator fighting is a tricky business.

A retiaruis and secutor - always a fun bout.

The secutor draws first blood to the flashy netman.

Although he put up a good fight the retiarius is defeated, but is granted missio.

The mighty Livia, a descendant of Xena no doubt, over her fallen foe Dacum.

The state Dacum finished in - a large hole in his stomach and his shield arm near missing!!


  1. Looks like some realy nice games, will be nice to try them out then they are published in the future, as they seems to manage to give interesting games !

    best regards Michael

  2. Very interesting project you've got going here. For me, which is important, I am drawn to graphics. The more visual-stuff, the better. Hope this endeavor turns out extremely well for you, Sir.

  3. It looks as if you are really getting close to launch; certainly looks like great fun.

  4. Just discovered your blog which is full of utter gorgeousness. Really like the look of your gladiator rules. Too many I have played are land three blows and your opponent is dead. These look like what I have been looking for for ages!

  5. A superb choice for a game of rules. With just a couple of figures it is a period every wargamer could dable with. Best of luck with your project.
    I also like the weathered hexes on your terrain, normally I don't like the look but you have made them look like they actually belong.

  6. Looking very nice, with wonderful figures!!

  7. Thanks for all the comments gents. Rigorous playtesting continues, including the campaign system, but must say we are having fun playing this - which IS important!!

  8. Who makes the Livia figure? She's great!

  9. @ Kaptain Kobold - she is Helena, Female Gladiator from Reaper