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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Poor Start to My Gaming Year

I've been planning a game for today for over a fortnight now and at the last minute one of the players has canceled. You can't begin to imagine how disappointed I am. What a poor start to my gaming year - sometimes I wonder if all the hard work is worth it.
The plan was to have the British face down a couple of Indostani rockets which look really fun in the Sharp Practice rules. The rockets have a set distance they will travel and every 12 inches a die is rolled to see if they deviate from their target (which is highly likely) or explode prematurely.
I busted my ass to get these two little rocket platforms made in time for the game, as well as entertaining a 5 year-old, amongst all the other madness that comes at this time of year. They were pretty simple to make but time consuming, being constructed from mainly wire and insulation. Dave at Golconda Rising did explain that the rockets would probably have been hand fired, but he does have similar platforms in his army. This is how I've always imagined rockets to be launched and of course rockets must be red. 
On the bright side at least the deadline got me to jump in and get them made. Anyway, I hope the start to your gaming year is better than mine has turned out. Happy New Year! (Click the images to enlarge)

Red rocket, red rocket.
A little pot was added to mix things up.
How many Indostanis does it take to fire a rocket?


  1. Did someones leave pass get cancelled?

    Nicely done on the rockets. I too love rockets. Can be a very useful tool against horses and elephants.



  2. Well, the rocket stands look cool anyway!

  3. Those rockets are nice. I might have to steal the idea for my lizardman/Martian VSF armies. Build a stand alone rocket base and then just swap out the crew for whichever army.

  4. These are great! Was the ard work woth it? HELL YES!!! Same thing happened to me with the D&D game that never happened.

    Then again it got me back into a "painting rhythm" for a little while.

    Well worth the effort! Hope to see more.

  5. VERY nice work! Have been following your progress for a while now - very impressive!

  6. Forget the past moment, think about the bright future!

    Best wishes for the New Year!


    PS: love the rockets -so 'Indian'!

  7. Don't let it get you down too much. The rockets are wonderfully done. I would say definately worth it.

  8. Had a game today,somebody pulled out but was able to get an alternate, lovely painting skills mate.

  9. Thanks everyone for the kind words. It seems people here take more interest than the actual players sometimes!

  10. Your rocket stands look great . . . but I wouldn't stand where that one guy is . . . you know, the one who will get hit if the main rocket's flare sets off the other two (he's dead in line with them . . . or will that simply be "dead").

    Seriously, those rockets look great, sir.

    -- Jeff

  11. Well, I think the rockets are splendid. It's a shame when people can't make it, but the hard work is most definately not wasted. Very best luck with games planning in the rest of 2011, though - I certainly hope next time things will work out.

  12. As many have already said, Furt, your rockets look splendid!!! I will go further and say your troops are the best looking 18th century sub-continentals I've seen! As someone who plays late 19th century colonials, it's interesting and exciting to see figures, terrain and games set in the same or very similar environments but earlier periods. For some time I've wanted to branch out of my c.1880 Afghanistan comfort zone and raise armies for Napoleon's invasion of Egypt. Enjoying your 1750s Indian efforts may just push me to do it!

    I'm curious, if you don't mind my asking, did you get into the Seven Years War in India more from the SYW aspect or the Indian aspect... or something else entirely?

  13. Thanks for all the replies. Jeff, I did think that myself - oh bugger! Mad Guru, thanks for the compliments, your blog is certainly an inspiration, especially your conversions. We actually started this whole thing as a pirate campaign that evolved from Barbary pirates vs British navy. As for the SYW period that we eventually decided on, it was something exotic and different from the standard campaigns in an Indian setting we had seen.