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Monday, August 23, 2010

Custom Sharp Practice Deck

I have uploaded a pdf of my custom Sharp Practice deck for the Indostan campaign. They have a SYW feel with an Indian twist.
I print the Nationality cards on red (British) or orange (Indostan) paper, as well as using colored paper for the card backs.
I hope someone can find some use for them, or at least inspire them to do their own custom cards. I always find this is a really good way to study the cards and put a personal touch in.
Download them HERE.


Fitz-Badger said...

I don't own Sharp Practice nor have I ever played it (although your posts make me think I should look into them), but those look like very good cards! Nice work graphically, too!
A couple of things I like about cards in games is you can customize them for various circumstances and any special rules can be on the cards so you don't have to necesarily remember stuff you only encounter once in a while.

Furt said...

Totally agree Fitz-Badger. Customizable cards are a great wargaming tool and relatively easy to make.

Bluewillow said...

lovely job on those


Furt said...

Thanks Matt for your comments and for following.

thedrake70458 said...

Download lonk doesnt work for me--mind sending me the PDF please?

the drake 70458 at yahoo dot com


thedrake70458 said...

Got it to download finally.

Nice looking cards.Dont play SP but may usze some of these as ideas for my Operational Studies Group Nappy games.